5 Minute Genius

On Sunday, March 22nd at 3:00pm the MSF will be presenting 5 Minute Genius. This event is gleefully stolen from the Cambridge Science Festival (where they call it “Big Ideas for Busy People”), and we will have science “rock stars” explain their work in non-jargon terms in 5 minutes (or less) followed with 5 minutes of questions. The geniuses of this event are not the scientists; it is the audience, which gets to hear from some all-stars about the work they are doing, and become more “genius-like” themselves. The truth is that scientists aren’t necessarily inherently smarter than others who are passionate about what they do – they just rarely get a chance to talk about their work without scientific language (also known by some as “jargon”) taking over. The whole idea behind 5 Minute Genius is that our scientists will talk about their remarkable work in a thoughtful, easily-understood way.

The rock stars of Maine science that you’ll be hearing from this year:

  • John Brogan, IDEXX LaboratoryImproving the health and well being of animals: How new diagnostic tests are developed
  • Laura Sewall, Bates College: Visual Science, Ecology and Mindfulness: Saving the World with Your Own Eyes

5 Minute Genius is your chance to hear from scientists doing cutting edge, world-leading research. The session starts at 3:00pm, in the Cross Center Ballroom, and if you aren’t able to get your question answered in the five minutes after their talk, stick around: we’ll have a reception afterwards, and you can meet our rock stars and ask them questions then!