Have you wondered how a festival with more than 45 events over two-and-half days could be available for free? There are two reasons: (1) our presenters, moderators, and team members have volunteered their talent and time to make the MSF happen. And (2) our incredibly generous sponsors have provided substantial financial support, because they believe in the MSF’s mission:

To stimulate interest in science among the general population, to heighten awareness of the impact of science on everyday life, and to demonstrate the diversity of scientific enterprise in Maine.

Our sponsors agree that this interest, awareness, and demonstration should be available to everyone.

With this post, we want to take just a moment to thank the many sponsors of the Maine Science Festival. We would also like to give a shout to a few partners in particular, who’s financial support has provided the base upon which the MSF has been able to stand:

The University of Maine
Cooperative Extension/4H Foundation
University of Maine System
Bangor Savings Bank
Morton Kelly Charitable Trust

Without these supporters, the Maine Science Festival would not be a reality. When you see representatives from any of these organizations, or any of our individual donors, please take a minute to thank them and let them know that you appreciate it!