Monthly Archives: November 2014

We’re having Science for Thanksgiving

What do particle accelerators, thermodynamics, and engineering have to do with Thanksgiving? Everything! If you buy a turkey that has been shrink wrapped (especially Butterball turkeys), then you have particle accelerators to thank for producing that sturdy film that keeps the turkey fresh.  Symmetry magazine did an article a few years back on how shrink wrap […]

Keeping our pets healthy and our water safe

Westbrook is the home of IDEXX Laboratories, a leader in the development and manufacture of tests that detect diseases in cats, dogs and other animals. In 2011, after the devastating tsunami in Japan, IDEXX provided testing that ensured the health and safety of cats and dogs throughout the region after thousands of pets were left homeless. That same year, […]

Birth of a Science Festival

We’ve been talking about the types of events and science that you can expect to see in March (20-22nd), but have you wondered why we wanted to have a celebration of science? Wonder no more! MSF Festival Director Kate Dickerson gave a PechaKucha about this very thing last April. We thought we’d share it with […]

To Maine and beyond…

With all of the excitement of the comet landing this week, we just had to highlight all of the Mainers who have been in space and how several of our partners have made an impact on space travel and exploration. Robert Rushworth, Maine’s first astronaut, was a test pilot who flew the X-15 over 30 […]

Science has helped the military and beyond

We hear of advances in military technology that provide safer measures for our troops, like minesweeping robots for the Navy, but much of the technology also benefits civilian life. Prosthetic technology has come a long way in the past decade (robotic arms, carbon-fiber blades), but the stumps they attach to can swell and chafe, leaving amputees unable to […]

They’re not just about the cookies

Girl Scouts of Maine offers various opportunities for science experiences for girls in grades K-12.  Several badges that girls can work on individually or with their troops include naturalist (Bugs, Flowers, Trees, Sky, and Water), science and technology (Home Scientist and the Science of Happiness), investigation (including Senses and Special Agent), and innovation badges.  Additionally, girls […]