Have you wondered what to expect at the MSF? Here’s a sampler.

The Maine Science Festival is dedicated to showcasing the science that is happening all around us in an engaging way. We are thrilled to announce our first slate of events – we have something for everyone!

Crime Scene Investigation – hands-on
MSF partner Husson University will set up a simulated crime scene, where you will be able to examine a realistic crime scene. You’ll work through the scene discovering evidence, and developing a case theory. As you go through the crime scene, you’ll learn to distinguish between the victims and the alleged defendants and identifying the crime(s) committed – all based on the evidence you find. Just as important as the evidence you find is also figuring out what information is missing, which will lead to figuring out if you’ll need search and arrest warrants.

Ocean Research in Maine – discussion
Ocean research in Maine goes far beyond lobsters. From the microscopic, to the macroscopic, to larger than life, scientists will share what they’ve learned about the ocean surrounding Maine.

Children’s Authors/Illustrators – discussion
Join a pair of wonderful Maine author/illustrators: Fran Hodgkins & Mike Taylor, the team behind The Secret Galaxy, and Kim Ridley & Rebekah Raye who teamed up for The Secret Pool. They will talk about why they decided to write about, and illustrate, science for kids, and how they go about doing it. Our partner, Briarpatch, will host the panel discussion and have books by these two pairs of author/illustrators available for purchase and signing.

Nature Art Illustration – workshop
Chuck Carter will lead an illustrators workshop, explaining and demonstrating how to draw nature in an accurate and compelling way. Chuck has been working in the artistic end of the science and entertainment industries for more than 30 years. He has worked with Harcourt Education, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, and other clients for more than 25 years – co-authoring and illustrating a book on physical geology in 2007. Chuck’s work has spanned multiple subjects, including history, nature, physics, military, geology, and geography. He has produced illustrations and animations for the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Department of Defense, and various defense contractors, universities, museums, and governmental science institutions.

Technology today – discussion
Want to know how drones work? What you can do with them? How about Google Glass? Our panel of experts will explain the ins and outs of each of these cutting edge technologies, and also address some of the ethical issues that have arisen from the use of these two tools.

We’ll be announcing more events in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned, and start marking your calendar – the first Maine Science Festival is coming March 20-22, 2015!