Shoot for the Stars

The Challenger Learning Center of Maine offers simulation of space
missions to fourth through tenth grade students. Merging the power of
imagination with the joy of discovery, students become engineers and
scientists as they experience the excitement of space exploration in
these simulations. Students work as teams in mission control and aboard
a space station as they test their decision-making skills, solve
problems, and communicate with one another during this innovative
science and math lesson. Teachers prepare students using both pre- and
post-flight activities that integrate the experience into traditional
classroom instruction.

Additionally, Challenger offers vacation and summer camp programs for
K-8 grade students that are rich in science content. Family science
nights, public forums, and adult corporate missions are also offered
year round. All programming helps to fulfill Challenger’s mission to
inspire a lifelong passion for science, technology, engineering and math
education and the pursuit of careers in these fields.

There is always something going on the Challenger Learning Center (including  a SPUD Drive right now!) and we’re looking forward to seeing even more from them at the Maine Science Festival in March.