Monthly Archives: October 2014

“A Community of Enthusiastic Learners”

If you’ve lived in Maine since the 1990s, you’ve probably heard of the Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM). You know, that place way up north (Limestone) where you can get a world-class education *in Maine,* and the only residential magnet school in New England that specializes in mathematics and science education? And if you or your child […]

Have you wondered what to expect at the MSF? Here’s a sampler.

The Maine Science Festival is dedicated to showcasing the science that is happening all around us in an engaging way. We are thrilled to announce our first slate of events – we have something for everyone! Crime Scene Investigation – hands-on MSF partner Husson University will set up a simulated crime scene, where you will […]

Shoot for the Stars

The Challenger Learning Center of Maine offers simulation of space missions to fourth through tenth grade students. Merging the power of imagination with the joy of discovery, students become engineers and scientists as they experience the excitement of space exploration in these simulations. Students work as teams in mission control and aboard a space station […]

Star Wars Reads Day

Star Wars may be science fiction, but it has inspired several generations to learn more about physics, astronomy, and of course, the possibility of lightsaber technology. October 11, 2014, is the third annual Star Wars Reads Day in North America, and the first worldwide. One of the Maine Science Festival’s partners, the Bangor Public Library, is having […]

Crucial to Sustainability

Cerahelix is a small company based in Orono, Maine, that is developing a ceramic filter that filters water to high purity and under challenging conditions. This technology has applications in industrial water treatment, where the challenge is to efficiently purify water for recycling and re-use. Cerahelix has been developing this technology for more than 5 years.   Their […]