Axiom Technologies Steering Adult Education into the Future

Adult education in Washington County came under new direction this spring, with Axiom Technologies at the helm. Expanding on their success with digital literacy in the county, Axiom will utilize the same techniques to serve adult learners on a variety of subjects in the region.

The new non-profit entity of Axiom Technologies, Axiom Education and Training Center (AETC) will now serve as the adult and community education hub for the county, operating out of their classroom in Machias. The center will serve businesses, industry and community members by offering education, training and professional development within Washington County.

Based on the company’s great success with digital literacy training in the county, interest for education expansion in the region was expressed by the Maine Department of Education, AOS 96 School District, Local Workforce Development Board, and several other entities across the state. Requests for further education services came to Axiom and the non-profit AETC was created in May.

We really believe that adult education is important to Washington County,” says Jane Blackwood, Director of AETC. “We’re going to support it and promote it to see that we have the best programs for the population here and that it’s accessible to everyone across the whole county.”

Many of the same courses that were taught in the past will continue. Classes will provide opportunities for professional growth, personal enrichment, computer skills improvement and preparation for professional careers in a supportive environment. Classes, workshops, seminars, and one-on-one tutoring will all be possible at the center in Machias and at other locations across the county based on student needs.

The mission statement of AETC states, “The Axiom Education & Training Center is a collaborative, innovative and technology-driven organization that advances the life-long educational and professional development of businesses and residents, while strengthening the economic, social, and cultural life of the diverse community.”

AETC will also be partnering with other entities and institutions across the region and state in order to gain greater strides in holistic education. Instructors at AETC are supported and encouraged to experiment with non-traditional models of teaching in order to best meet learners’ needs. Axiom Technol0gies will fully support the education center, by providing will resources and supporting instructors and technology services. 

You can learn even more about and from Axiom Technologies at the Maine Science Festival in March.  Less than 6 months to go!