Never too young to learn about science!

The Maine Discovery Museum is presenting Science Stories, every Tuesday at 11am (with the exception of school breaks).  Each week they’ll read aloud a favorite children’s book, explore the science in the story, and make a fun project to take home. The program is geared toward preschool aged children, but is also appropriate for younger home schooled children for some enrichment.

Last week (the first session of Science Stories)  they read Turtle Splash!: Countdown at the Pond by Cathryn Falwell. The museum’s staff encouraged the kids to count along as they read the story. After the story, they took out the museum’s live turtles for the kids to meet, and talked a little about what makes a turtle a turtle, and ended the program with a little turtle craft.

At today’s session, the featured book was Little Beaver and the Echo by Amy MacDonald. After the story, the children looked at some beaver artifacts: teeth, tail, skull and talked about the differences between the beaver in the book and real beavers (in the book the beaver rides on a boar instead of swimming).
The stories that are chosen will largely portray everyday science that the children can actually witness around them, helping to show them at a young age that science really is everywhere, and not some abstract thing that is only done by scientists in white lab coats.

Check out the other fantastic things going on at the Maine Discovery Museum in downtown Bangor, as well as during the Maine Science Festival in March!

For more information about the Maine Science Festival, visit, and find the festival on Facebook and Twitter (@MEScienceFest).