Maine Science Festival Coming in 2015!

What do you think of when you think of Maine? Lobster? Moose? Acadia National Park? Baxter and Katahdin? Artists and islanders?

At the Maine Science Festival we think about how much amazing science in happening in Maine all the time. Not just the stuff that happens everywhere (from microbrews to mountaintops), but scientific discoveries and innovations that are moving our world forward—and happening here alone.

Maine has three world-renowned nonprofit laboratories that are instrumental in driving research in ocean science, genetics, and regenerative medicine. (Can you name them?*) Maine is home to some of the most innovative small companies that are using science every day, places like Cerahelix, and to large companies like Backyard Farms that are nationwide leaders in their field. Have you ever wondered what it is exactly that these companies are doing?

Maybe you’ve wondered about the history of science, and how a new idea can spawn ten more ideas never previously imagined. Have you wished that you could find out more about science and what scientists themselves do – not in a classroom setting, but in an informative, “isn’t-that-cool” kind of way?

Now’s your chance to have all these questions, and more, answered.

The first annual Maine Science Festival, a weekend celebration of the science happening all around us, will be held in Bangor, from March 20-22, 2015. We’ll take that weekend to explore lots and lots of the science happening all around us, and leading up to the festival we’ll use this site to highlight the science happening specifically in Maine.

Come and explore with us, and you’ll see that science is everywhere!

*Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science, The Jackson Laboratory, and MDI Biological Laboratory.